Journal of  Theoretical and  Experimental Biology

Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Biology

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Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Biology
(An International Journal of Basic and Applied Biology) ISSN:0972-9720
UGC approval reference no: 45381 - Valid up to  April, 2018

Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Biology, a quarterly refereed journal, publishes theoretical , experimental and technical contributions in all fields of Biology.

Articles, notes, commentaries and reviews, in English and all correspondence should be  addressed to the Editor-in-Chief.
  • An article reports results of a substantial, completed work. It should be concise.
  • A note is a brief report of an experiment, taxonomic proposal, enexplained observation, or comment or a controversial issue.
  • A commentary is a statement of considered opinion, a presentation of alternative interpretations about published work, or a discussion of current issues in Biology.
  • A review presnts novel and critical appraisals of specific topics of current interest (this may be a full review or a minireview). Review articles may be submitted only after consultation and prior agreement of the Editor-in-Chief.
  • All contributions are subject to normal reviewing processes.

  • Manuscripts are invited from subscribers only. Each of the contributors of an article should be a subscriber.
  • The number of pages of an article should not exceed SIX pages.
          Manuscripts should be sent in duplicate, accompanied by an electronic version in CD-ROM in MS Word for Windows.
          Every manuscript is reviewed usually by two reviewers familiar with th relevant field of research being from different institutions from the author(s) and so it is suggested that every author furnishes a list of three possible referees.
          Authors must assure that no part of their manuscript reporting original work is being considered for publication, in whole or in part, by another journal. The corresponding author must affirm that all the authors have read and approved of the manuscript..
         Detailed information for authors can be had from the Editor-in-Chief through Email. It is also available at:
By submitting a manuscript, the author(s) must agree that the copyright for their article is tranferred to Elias Academic Publishers if and when the article is accepted for publication.

Information for Subscribers
Subscriptions, orders and general correspondence should be addressed by name to:
Dr. E. John Jothi Prakash, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Biology, Elias Academic Publishers, ELMA ZION , 214-B3/1A-Lourdu Matha Street, Punnai Nagar, Nagercoil-629004, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.
All payments should be made by bank transfers, details of which are given in PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS.

Subscription fee (Annual)                                     India (Rs)                                     Abroad (USD)
           Individual                                                       2500                                               100
           Institutional                                                    3000                                               200
Life Subscription fee                                               10000                                               750

Contact us:

Dr. E. John Jothi Prakash, Editor-in-Chief, Elias Academic Publishers, ELMA ZION, 214-B3/1A-Lourdu Annai Street, Punnai Nagar, 

Nagercoil-629004, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Email address: [email protected] Mobile: +91 9443102802